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Grupo SallÚn Tech was born with a clear technological investigation vocation, what in a few years has allowed us to get a place as one of the leader companies in the Spanish market of security, launching products that are a novelty worldwide, as the three-dimensional walk-through detectors of magnetic field, the image digitalization and modem transmission systems, and the investigation in the field of banking automation, offering them important advances in the manipulation, verification and cash control.

The company has 7000 m devoted to Research, Investigation and Production of the systems of its own patents. .

Today we sell products at a global level, being in the entire euro zone and in areas so different as Algeria, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, China, etc...

Along these years, Grupo SallÚn has achieved several prizes and certifications as leading enterprise in the security sector and all its processes are certified by the norm ISO 9001:2000.

Grupo SallÚn Tech S.A. Grupo SallÚn Tech, has 7000 m² devoted to Research, Investigation and Production of the systems of its own patents.

Among its production installations the following stand out:

Workshop, where all the mechanical processes for the later development of the products are going to take place.

Among the machinery it is worth noting:

  • Drills and CNC Grinders
  • Laser cutting.
  • Plate folding.
  • Laminating Presses.

Electronics Area, where the insertion of the electronic plates is going to take place.

in this section we should highlight:

  • PCB design.
  • PCB insertion.
  • Prototypes development.
  • Quality control with Artificial Vision.
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