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Grupo SallÚn Tech is characterized by a constant search in all what means a step forward, and that is why all our products are designed to give an answer to a necessity. At present we have an important quantity of patents that reflect the intensive work we have carried out along these years besides seven different products that we can differ in two areas:

Cash Treatment Area.
  • EuroContact. Banknotes detector, maximum guarantee for your business.
  • EuroScan. False banknotes detector, with the highest technology.
  • CV1100. Banknotes Counter - Classifier.
  • Siclo F2. Banknotes classifier. Obeys the Framework norms of the ECB.
  • Siclo F3. Banknotes classifier. Obeys Framework norms of the ECB.
Security Area. Apart from all this work in the investigation, development and innovation sectors, Grupo SallÚn Tech does not leave apart the search of a continuous quality, so we have a tour disposal all the means to achieve that any component in our products obtains, individually, the best quality standards.
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